(4 girls, 2 boys)



All our puppies have: FCI pedigree (Estonian Kennelclub www.kennelliit.ee ), EU passport, chip, vaccinated by age.

Parents of our australian shepherd litters are tested: hip/elbow, eye gene tests: CEA, PRA-prcd, HC, most our dogs also tested: MDR1, DM, NCL6,CMR1

We are so thankful for all of the e-mails that we receive from amazing families hoping to add a Peak River puppy into their lives.  We do our very best to place our dogs in the best homes.  Please know that it is impossible to accommodate every family as dogs just are not ‘made-to-order’ and we do not produce the numbers to match the interest that is generated.  We encourage our families to e-mail us a little more then just questions -how much and when we have pups? We would like  to know a little more: why this breed, do you have  had dog before or not, do you have children,  have you meet any aussies in real,  what is your plans with your new family member…… and to take the time to research the breed to be absolutely sure that an Aussie puppy is the best fit for your family and lifestyle. They really looks cute, BUT they are working breed!


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